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KC7WEU  Ernie  7/31/06
I was born and raised in Watsonville
, California, and obtained my novice license in 1962 at the age of 15. I got the general ticket a year later (WA6OLD). I regularly checked into the California Traffic Net using AM on 3905 kHz, where I rag chewed with Hal, WA6GZX and George, WA6QDK who are current California Traffic Net members as well.
I joined the Navy in 1966 and forgot about ham radio. I then obtained my Extra Class ticket in 1998. I assumed net manager responsibilities of the California Traffic Net from Lonnie, KD6WUH in 1998 and passed them on to Dar, WA6MXH in 2005.
I currently work in electronics at a small company in Grants Pass called Hach Ultra, and plan to retire in 2008. I am active in ARES, and work VHF phone and packet, and 40, 75, and 160 meters SSB. I also play around with DX on 15 and 20 meters SSB. My radios are simple, 100 watts maximum, but I can generally compete with the “big boys”.
My shack is off a 900 square foot room on the second floor above the garage with a bathroom, mini kitchen, heat and A/C, stereo, DVD, and my weights. The room also serves as a meeting room and hangout for my wife’s teen youth group

W6PAP Maynard  8/6/06
I was licensed in 1957 at age 14 as WN6PAP, upgrading to W6PAP the following year.  Later that year, I soloed a J3 Cub on my 16th birthday. Flying and radio competed for my time in high school and afterwards. My interest in both is centered in older equipment: taildraggers and boat anchors
Radio won out from a career standpoint and I spent about 40 years in the telecommunications industry.
I'm currently active in the North Hills Radio Club (secretary/treasurer, net manager, and past president) and I've been writing a series of articles on the program GNU Octave for QEX.  I play trumpet and teach a Sunday school class at church (our church building may be one of the few with a doublet in the attic) and enjoy our family of kids and grandkids.
I've been married for almost 44 years to Gay, who I met in South Dakota at age 17 while flying a J3 Cub from California to South Dakota and back.  Gay was the girl next door to the family I was visiting.
No flying for the present, but I may round up a basket case taildragger to restore one of these days. 73 Maynard, W6PAP

K6YBV Robert 8/11/06
I was licensed as KN6YBV in February, 1957 at the age of 16. While a novice, I was active in the Frugle Net, A CW novice traffic net on the 80 meter novice band. I received my General ticket, K6YBV,  in August of 1997 and joined the newly formed Northern California Traffic Net on 3905 (now California Traffic net) on 3906in September or October of that
For many years I was active in CW traffic handling on the NTS (National Traffic System).  .  I was a member of the TCC (Trans-Continental Corps). NCN (Northern California Net), RN6 (Regional Net Six) and PAN (Pacific Area Net).  While living in Southern California for     17 years, I was also a member of SCN (Southern California Net).
I am a professional musician.  I also own a small vending machine business.
In 1998 I appeared in the movie "Twice Upon a Time" with my daughter, the actress Molly Ringwald.
In an early episode of the NBC Sit-Com "Facts Of Life," my daughter portrayed a ham radio operator, using my call sign K6YBV.
You may read more about me on my web site, which includes a ham radio page at:
Bob Ringwald K6YBV Placerville, Ca.


Thanks to you fellows for submitting the interesting background stories !



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